Guatemala Medical Mission – Day 2

Guatemala Medical Mission – Day 2

Greetings to everyone,

Today we started with a great Guatemalan breakfast before traveling up a rocky unpaved road to a remote mountain village.  Our team helped many villagers who have never seem a white person.

Olivia Piacentini – Today was fantastic! My expectations were already far surpassed yesterday but today was excellent in so many different realms. Our team brainstormed some methods to improve after day one and it really made a difference, including my role as pharmacist. I never thought I’d have so many medications stashed in my pockets! Additionally, the view was just magnificent. I enjoy the rocky terrain, it adds to the element of adventure. The evening ended with a competitive game of futbol with little boys in the town market… GOALLLLLLL!

Kaylin Petrosky – Today was another great day! After the first day we learned what we needed to be more prepared so thinks went even better today. The beauty of the country itself is amazing! How great to look out the door and see mountains beyond mountains! We also got to explore the city of Jalapa and enjoy some local frozen yogurt and drinks! What a great day!

Donna Balewick – The town fathers of today’s village stood in protective postures while we examined  their families.  They had been deceived in the past and were initially suspicious of us.  After discussion, reassurance and much playing with the babies, they allowed us to examine them as well…We saw some interesting pathology and had a fantastic experience.

Jana Ware – Wow, the town named Buena Vista sure stood up to its name. The views were absolutely breathtaking. The drive two hours up the mountain side seemed like nothing when you had the view we did. We were able to return to Jalapa early tonight and decided to explore the town. Little did we know we’d end up playing futbol with local children and having a drink in a local pastalaria. You never know what Guatemala will bring you. Another perfect day.

Theresa Borrelli – Today was even better than yesterday if that’s possible! The village in Buena Vista was absolutely gorgeous. The ride to Buena Vista was a bumpy one, but the view was perfect! The people of the village were once again so grateful for us we were given a lot of hugs and kisses from the patients today. We got to see a different variety of problems today than we did yesterday. After we got back from the village we explored the town of Jalapa. We played a pick up game of futbol with boys in the market and enjoyed drinks and dessert.

Whitney Strong – Today was a more relaxing day where we were able to spend as much time as needed with each patient; we found our groove on day two and are now into the full swing of things with meds packed up the night before, a triage person at the beginning of the line, and five stations to evaluate each patient with a translator for each one. Despite being here before, my eyes are continually opened to the poverty of the people, and I’m astonished by the warm hearts and caring nature of each and every person I see.

Angie Steffen – We started our day with a 2 hr drive to a small mountain village in the Mitsubishi Party Bus. Delphin, our driver says, “Musica es mi vida” and played Earth Wind & Fire, America, and the occasional Jazzy elevator music compilation. It was a fun ride and had many laughs over the numerous times we became airborne in the back seat due to the bumpy road. When we arrived a few community leaders presented themselves with questions before our team starting treating their people. Apparently in the past, they were required to “sign” forms in order to receive treatment. Unfortunately, because most are illiterate, they were unknowingly signing away their mineral rights. After a lengthy discussion, David (our translator and missionary) was able to convince them that our sole intention was to help them with nothing needed in return. So sad to think that these people who desperately need help are sometimes afraid to take it!

Michael Nowak – today our hard work, smiling faces and warm hugs earned us acceptance into a remote mountain village.  We treated about ~100 people for various infections including parasites, gastroesopheal reflux, musculoskeletal complaints, and many more!  Because the village was smaller than yesterday, we were able to get back a little early and explore some of downtown Jalapa.  Our first stop was the bank where the exchange rate is one dollar for 7.7 quetzales.  From there we bought some local dessert and even played a game of soccer with some ~6 year old boys. Tomorrow we will spend half of day in a new village and the other half on a fun zip-line adventure.


Mr. Sutton cooking up a traditional Guatemalan breakfast with beans, cheese, bacon and eggs.

A quick pic before we started to see patients.

Wendy with one of her first patients.

Michael with our team mascot “Pedro” – the kids love him!

We have noticed that Guatemalan children do not mind ear exams (maybe because now they know they will get a piece of chocolate at the end.

Some of the beautiful landscape outside the village clinic.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste for all the kids!

After returning home, we had an unexpected guest.  Delphin our driver stopped by with him family.

Finishing the night with some native Guatemalan food, pizza from Dominoes.  I love the snowman made with the pepsi symbol.  Do we have this in the states yet?

A half day tomorrow in a new village as we are going to a zip-line adventure in the afternoon.


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