Guatemala Medical Mission – Day 4

Guatemala Medical Mission – Day 4

Jana Ware: Today was another day of wonderful experiences. We saw 300 patients today! Talk about exhausting. But their smiles, their kind words, and amazing gratitude made it so worth it. The small aldea of Rodeo was tucked away in a beautiful mountain side where the houses were painted vibrant colors and dirt roads were filled with horses carrying corn and flowers. The leaders of the town gathered us at the end of the day and thanked us for our generosity and said “We hope you return again.” How humbling! I can’t believe tomorrow is our last day here in Jalapa. I already want to plan for our return next year! I do miss my mommy though! And I can’t wait to see her beautiful face again. She’s made me the wonderful person I am today, along with my angel of a father.

Theresa Borrelli: I can’t believe Thursday is already over!! This week is going entirely to fast! Today was a very busy day, we saw almost 300 patients. Even though we have been here almost a week I still can’t get over how grateful the people of the aldeas are, it is a very humbling experience. When we got home David took us to the safe house his family owns. There were two little baby boys, a 6-year old girl, and two teenage girls that we met and got to play with for a little bit. It was very humbling to learn about their story of why they are in the safe house. It was a nice relaxing evening playing with the little kids. I don’t think I am ready to leave! I can’t wait to see my family on Sunday, but I am looking forward to coming back to Guatemala in the very near future!

Kaylin Petrosky: Only one day left of seeing patients! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! Today was probably my favorite day so far..the community we went to was great. The people there were so respectful, even after waiting in line for hours! They were so grateful for our help and it really is such a great feeling knowing that they appreciate us coming down here. We also had a chance to go to the safe house where kids who were abandoned and abused stayed. It’s hard to believe how anyone could hurt these beautiful children!  I can’t believe our journey here is almost done but it has been such a great experience. Guatemala is such a beautiful country with beautiful people and I’m hoping to come back in the future!! Shout out to my family and the real Pedro!!

Olivia Piacentini – Another exceptional day in Guatemala! Though we saw a high patient volume in a beautiful area of the country, I must say my favorite part of the day was our evening visit to the village safe house as described above. I think it especially resonated with me because of my parents occupation as social workers in a similar type establishment. Besides, who doesn’t love to see beautiful, smiling babies? Though I love my family and home unconditionally, I can gauge how much I am enjoying this trip by my lack of being homesick!

Wendy Rand – Day 4 already! I feel like this week has gone by so quickly. Today in El Rodeo we saw the most gracious welcoming people.  All the patients were so thankful and gave us many blessings.  The town itself was quite a bit larger than the other mountain villages we have visited. But today, like the rest was a great experience to see patients and make diagnoses that we mostly likely wouldn’t see in the states.

Kristin Juhasz – These past few days have been full of wonderful experiences.  Whether it is seeing pediatric patients with severe otitis medias and pneumoniaes, elderly patients with mitral regurgitation and afib, or people with chronic pain management issues or nutritional deficiencies, the Guatemalans are so appreciative of having someone listen to their problems and attempt to help.  We came with limited supplies and book knowledge, but we will return home with some great memories.  P.S. So happy I was delegated to the “party bus” and have gotten to share some hilarious moments with everyone here!

Michael Nowak – 4 days down and only one to go. Our team is coming down with some minor ailments – sore throats, allergies, dry chapped lips, and cough, but at least I am much better than yesterday.  Another great clinic day in a new village.  Rather than tell you more about patients we saw, I’d like to tell you about how our host family also runs a “safe house” for women in need and children placed there by the courts.  We were blessed to see some of the most loving young children and babies as well as young ladies in need of the light.  God Bless our host family David & Julie Sutton and their organization – Hands of Mercy Guatemala.


Starting off the day with a child is always a great experience!

Look how happy this patient was to receive Bio-Freeze for all her neck and upper back pain (see why below)

The biggest brown eyes to melt your heart!

Here is why so many ladies have neck and upper back pain!

Wendy and another happily treated family.

At the end of the day the a group shot with the village leaders and our Certified Medical Educators Medical Mission Team.

But our work was not done, when we got back to the house we taught our host family’s son Noah how to take and palpate for a blood pressure.  Way to go Noah!


Certified Medical Educators

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