Guatemala Medical Mission – Day 5

Guatemala Medical Mission – Day 5

Jana Ware: Hasta la vista, baby! Can’t believe we just got done with our last day of work in Guatemala. We spent it in the beautiful aldea of la Fuente. What a blessing it was to help these people, I just wish we could do more! I can’t wait to bring the skills I’ve learned and the loving attitude of this culture back to the states. The Sutton family (David, Noah, and Rachel AND ISABELLE!) have been so inspirational with their love of Christ and the love of their people. I can not thank them enough for their home, their company, and their delicious food. I’m going to miss it here so much. Off too Antigua tomorrow for a day of relaxation with my colleagues. Time for some good food and drinks with some even better people!

Theresa Borrelli: I can’t believe today is our last day in Jalapa! I am going to miss it here so much! I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am for the Sutton family opening up their home for us! The last aldea, La Fuente, was just as beautiful as the last ones. The people there were so grateful, it was so much fun meeting all of them! Tonight we are having a bonfire on their patio then tomorrow we are off to Antigua for a day of being tourists! This week has gone so fast, I don’t want it to end!

Whitney Strong: Today is our last day, and I’m sad to be leaving. I have learned so much this week – more about the Guatemalan culture, certain disease states and ailments, but most importantly about showing the love of Christ to everyone. It has been a humbling experience to serve people who literally have nothing, and to receive such love and gratitude back from them. I thank the Suttons for such a wonderful place to stay and bending over backwards to make sure we were taken care of- such a great family. And thanks to my wonderful team of friends for their hard work during the week and sharing in the experience with me.

Donna Balewick:  Some bridges are built with steel, some with bricks and mortar.  My students and colleagues built the strongest off all with kindness, compassion and smiles.  We couldn’t fix much medically, but we certainly came away with as much as we gave.

Olivia Piacentini -The cliche expression “best for last” holds true in Jalapa, Guatemala. Maybe it was the progress we made throughout the week culminating by our last day or a particularly gracious and spirited village but today was exceptional; I did not think I could enjoy myself more. The genuine kindness exhibited by the families that we spent time with throughout our trip give me faith and optimism for society’s future. This was an educational experience that will benefit my career in medicine and has created a lifetime of friendships. Additionally, the Jalapa police were especially “guapo” today. El fin.

Kaylin Petrosky – The last day in Jalapa! Wow did time fly this week! Today was a great day as well and we saw around 300 patients. All the people here are so loving and grateful! We got to go out in town for awhile again and had a Gallo at a local restaurant. The family that we stayed with has been amazing!  Tonight we had a bonfire to celebrate our last night at the house and it was very touching to listen to everyone’s thank you’s and goodbyes. This truly has been an amazing experience that I will never forget and I feel so blessed to even be able to have this experience.

Wendy Rand – Today was the last day of seeing patients and boy did we see a lot of people!  It was incredible that we were able to see over 300 patients today.  We saw all age groups and everyone was so patient and grateful.  Today, I realized over the past week that we were able to see so many amazing people.  However, this entire experience inspired me to continue to try to give back to this amazing country and to return in the near future.  A special thanks to our whole team, and especially to Delphin- the leader of the “party bus”. See everyone next year!!

Samuel N. Sutton – this is the best experience I have had in years. It has inspired me to become a PA. I am one of the translates for the ministry Hands of Mercy Guatemala. Its been a Honer helping this Group. If you the reader would like to come down and do a mission trip go to and ask for more information.

David Sutton – What a wonderful time my family and I have had with this CME team. It always impresses me to see people who sacrifice their time and money to come and give all they have to help others who would in many cases, never have the money to pay for the care that these guys gave them. We always love to have people in our home but especially people who not only say they love to help others but who go out and do it. One of the things that makes me the happiest is that every village that this group went to will always remember that it was a team from the United States of America that came and touched their community and that makes me extremely proud.


A new village today…

Olivia and one of her first patients.

Chronic ulcers not too different than the ones we occasionally see in the United States

The girls at lunch time.

We were amazed that no matter how hot it was outside, the culture is to ALWAYS dress the young children as if it there was a blizzard outside.

The local hacienda in the village.

On the way back from the remote village we had to catch this “Hollywood” sign picture of the town we were staying in: Jalapa, Guatemala.

In the evening we went to visit the safe house where young women and children go if court ordered.  This is a blessing for the community to have and it is all thanks to David and Julie Sutton and their Christian organization: Hands of Mercy Guatemala.


One of the young girls staying at the safe house with David Sutton and our driver’s (Delphin’s) wife.

Finishing the last day with dinner over a campfire, a great way to end an incredible week…..

And it is all due to the wonderful Sutton Family; David, his wife Julie (missing from the picture as she is working as a RN at the moment), daughter Rachel and son Noah.  God bless you all!!



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