Definitely worth the money! If you have a busy work and home life and minimal time to study, this conference is what you are looking for.
Brie Ann Crowther, PA-C, W.Amherst, NY
Excellent Course. Instructors are well-qualified. Material is well-organized. Pre-test, post-test and handouts made for a great learning experience.
Kathie Bolenbach, MMS, PA-C, Mountain, WI
Very well organized. Lectures were concise and informational. The class was money well spent. They gave awesome reviews of buzz words, while cleaning out the fat and extraneous material. Highly recommend.
Jeremy Fisher, PA-C – Family Medicine
Great review, presentations were excellent. I have learned and reviewed more at this conference than any of the others I have attended. Thank you for your time and effort.
Stephanie Walker, PA-C – Urgent Care
This was well worth the money & time – much better than all the wasted time at other meetings.
Barb Patterson, PA-C – Internal Medicine
There were a variety of learning tools used which made the lectures more interesting.
Deanna Gindlespuger, Johnstown, PA
I loved how the mechanisms of action with processes in the body were explained which eliminated the struggle of memorization.
Sara Pickett, Golden, CO
What an amazing review! Quick summary of medical conditions, right to the point! I am extremely glad I came, Thank You!
Danelle Foulks, PA-C – Central Michigan University
Great lectures to the point. Well worth it, I would definitely come again.
Greg Zaporzan, PA-C – Orthopedics
Great program. Very well organized. I would return in the future. All of your hard work is easily noticed and very much appreciated.
Daniel Vikartosky, PA-C – Neurosurgery

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